Our Facility

At Ariasalt we have created our rooms to be a memorable experience. It is a place to come and heal yourself both mentally and physically. We have constructed the rooms to achieve maximum relaxation while also receiving the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy. The rooms are specifically created with the proper microclimate of salt aerosol concentration, humidity, and temperature to achieve the ideal healing environment. Each of our rooms’ floors and walls are completely covered in salt to create an optimal space for relaxation. The salt creates a sterilized, negative ion environment that is both relaxing and rejuvenating as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Our halogenerators emit a salt aerosol into the room throughout the session to allow you to receive all the amazing benefits of salt therapy.

Private Salt Rooms


Our Private salt rooms are equipped with luxurious zero gravity massaging chairs to fully relax and enjoy your session. The walls in the rooms are made up of pink himalayan salt. All around you are glowing salt walls to create a relaxing negative ion environment. The floors are covered in crushed himalayan salt. These rooms are great for any with skin conditions due to the ability to customize the salt concentration. Soothing music and ambient lighting is present throughout the session to help achieve a deep state of relaxation. We will provide magazines or feel free to bring your own magazines or books. Many will simply relax, meditate, or sleep during the session due to the tranquil environment created within the rooms. Please refer to the FAQ page regarding your own electronics.

Children’s Room

Our Children’s Room will provide a fun, enjoyable atmosphere for your children while allowing them to receive the benefits of salt therapy. Children will love the mural on the wall that trasports them under the sea. In the lobby, there are two large windows looking into the children’s room so parents can either enjoy the session inside the room with their children or sit outside in the lobby while still being able to check inside. The room will feature many different toys and a television showing appropriate programming. The best part about the room is that your child will love playing in the Dead Sea salt covered floor, resembling sand on a beach.



Ariasalt also offers halotherapy yoga. You will fall in love with our yoga class with the added benefit of salt therapy. The yoga room has the same moicroclimate as our private rooms with our pharmaceutical grade salt circulating throughout the room for 45 minutes of class. The powerful benefits of salt therapy combined with the health benefits of yoga is a perfect match! Our yoga classes are restorative and healing. Our instructors help to both nurture the beginner and challenge more demanding practices. We specialize in smaller classes to increase the teacher/student relationship. Whether you want to take some time for yourself or  increase your yoga experience with salt therapy, the halotherapy yoga will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Classes are an hour long

 Mats are available

Spaces are limited, so please call to reserve your spot!

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6323 Camp Bowie Blvd. Suite 107
Fort Worth, TX 76116 817-732-SALT (7258) info@ariasalt.com

Hours Of Operation

Tuesday – Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm