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Halotherapy Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is a drug free and all natural, non-invasive treatment used to alleviate a multitude of respiratory illnesses and skin conditions.  Halotherapy is based on the centuries old concept of speleotherapy (salt cave therapy). In which salt mine workers were found to have an incredibly low rate of respiratory illnesses due to their exposure to salt while working in the mines.  Ariasalt we recreate the conditions of the mines by providing you with a climate controlled environment covered in salt while specialized halogenerators pump micronized salt particles into the room.

How Does Salt Therapy Work? Our halogenerators crush salt to fine particles and emits the salt particles into the salt room during each session to produce a dry aerosol microclimate replicating those of the subterranean salt caverns. These microscopic particles of salt travel deep into the lungs and sinuses to reduce inflammation, clear excess mucus, open constricted airways and boost the immune system.  In addition, skin exposed to the salt will benefit from relief of symptoms associated with skin conditions.  The salt that is emitted into the room, combined with the salt on the walls, ceiling and floors, is negatively charged, creating a negative ion environment in each room. This negative ion environment increases the body’s production of serotonin which helps to relieve stress, alleviate depression and boost energy.


From people swimming in the Dead Sea to monks taking the sick down into the salt caves to breathe the salty air, the therapeutic nature of salt has been well documented throughout history. In 1843, Polish Physician Felix Boczkowski published a scientific observation that the salt miners who worked in the caves rarely ever suffered from any respiratory ailments. Boczkowski determined this was due to the dry salt aerosol inhaled on a daily basis. Due to modern technology we are now able to recreate the salt caves with the use of the halogenerator and the covering of the inside of the rooms with salt.

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